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It sticks out

Days after thistothat was launched in mid-March 1999 the momentum began growing. We have received terrific reviews and mentions from all over. Our logs tell us that lots of people are clicking on our URL when reading a mail - probably from a friend. This might be the best compliment of them all. We are pleased to see hits from a broad spectrum of users: from WebTV and America On Line to (U.S. Navy! - What are they gluing?).

On our best day, March 30 we got 3,413 hits but that was because we had just become a Yahoo Pick of the Week! As expected, after that week, our hits have calmed down to a very respectable 250 hits a day or so. Needless to say, we can give advertisers exact hit counts.

People will like you more

We think our site can offer a sponsor more than just "ad impressions" or "click-thrus". If you sponsor our site you become a partner in thousands of people's home repair, craft, etc projects. We're sure this would improve (the already good) feelings about your brand.

You'll win customers

And, of course, there is the click-thru! Folks have to go to a store to buy their glue - why not your store? When we go to a hardware or craft store we sure don't buy just one tube of glue. We have to pick up an extension cord, hedge trimmers, etc...

Everyone glues

Needless to say, we think businesses besides hardware and craft stores could profit from advertising with us. One thing we have learned from talking to people about this site is that: everyone glues! So if you are a hair salon, butcher, courier service, or whatever and want to get some good public exposure please think about advertising with us.

How much?

Excite charges 2.7 U.S. cents per "targeted" ad view. We are asking the same since we feel that every visit to thistothat already targeted: a glue user. We are getting around 250 unique visitors a day. If you are in that ball park please...

Drop us a line


A selection of some of the awards, etc we have received in just our first two weeks of service!

Note: if you follow these links you probably won't see links to us any more since we aren't the cool site of the day (or whatever) any more at these places.

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