April 1999's
Glue of the Month

No More Nails

April's glue of the month is a LePage's product called No More Nails! This stuff is very strong and really does live up to its name. It is solvent free as well, so the toxicity rating is fairly low. It is a great gap filler and because of its high viscosity it requires no clamping. It says on the package that it works best on porous materials, but we have tested it on metal to glass, plastic to glass and glass to glass, and the strength is remarkable. It dries white and takes paint well. The disadvantages of this adhesive are that it is not waterproof, it is not sandable, and not very flexible. But we feel that it deserves a spot on your adhesive shelf because it is very versatile, and has the ability to solve some of those more difficult bonding challenges mentioned above.

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Past Glues of the Month

If you've discovered a glue that you've grown attached to, please let us know. Maybe we can honor your glue in a future month.

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