December 2000's
Glue of the Month

CK Royal Icing

In the spirit of the holidays we decided to look into the challenge of gluing the roof onto your gingerbread house, or the eyes onto your gingerbread man. After many phone calls to a variety of bakeries and bakery suppliers we learned that Royal Icing is the standard icing for this purpose. There are many varieties of recipes for Royal Icing. Here are few web sites that we have found:

Royal Icing is made up two important ingredients that make it sticky; egg whites, which is a animal protein adhesive (remember the gold beaters) and sugar, which we all know is sticky stuff. We spoke to a few bakers who recommended the pre made Royal Icing by CK and after trying it out and testing it against other recipes we found it did live up to it's reputation for strength. CK Royal icing is easy to use, just add water. It's main ingredients are icing sugar, cane sugar and egg white powder. CK Royal Icing is available at any grocery store with a well stocked baking section. In Canada we found it at Bulk Barns. It is about $4 for 425 grams which makes up more icing than you need for one average sized gingerbread house. By the way, this product is not made by Calvin Klein, but when we asked the customer service attendant at CK what CK stood for, she wasn't sure. She said that they sell cakes and kandy? Someone else thought that the company used to be called Country Kitchen. Anyway, we recommend this product for all your sticky baking needs this holiday season.

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