July 1999's
Glue of the Month

Loctite 349 Impruv

July's Glue of the month let's you take advantage of those long summers days. Loctite 349 Impruv only sets up when exposed to U.V. light, but this limitation in no way deters the adhering quality of this glue. In Just a few seconds of exposure of U.V. loctite 349 creates a strong bond that will not break down in extreme temperatures of high U.V. conditions. It bonds in 10 to 60 seconds (depending on amount of U.V.)

We recommend this glue for non porous, translucent materials... it's ideal for glass.

For more info see our regular Loctite 349 Impruv page

Past Glues of the Month

If you've discovered a glue that you've grown attached to, please let us know. Maybe we can honor your glue in a future month.

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