Glue Philosophy

We are here to help you choose the right glue for your bonding requirements. We are committed to keeping current with the adhesive market, but we don't claim to know everything about every glue on the market. We recommend the glues that we have found work best for us. We do know one thing for sure: there is no such thing as the All Purpose glue. Every glue has its pros and cons. The secret to a successful bonding challenge is to consider the following glue philosophy:

The primary principle of glue is much like any relationship in that the adhesive must fit the adherend. (Kinda Zen, eh?)

All glues work best when aided with a physical attachment. When ever possible the combination of glue and a screw, nail or staple, a glue and a joint, a glue and stitching or binding, will guarantee a successful bond.

Any glue is only as strong as the weakest material in the bonding union. There is no point in using a glue stronger than the materials you are bonding.

The success of a bond is dependent on the amount of surface area. The more surface area you are able to incorporate, the stronger the bond.

Always use the least toxic material that meets your bonding requirements.

Understanding how a glue works will help you choose the right glue for the job. The manufacturer knows their glue better than the cashier at the hardware store. Reading the label thoroughly will help you know if a glue is appropriate for your needs. Also, many glues have a help line or a website. We have found some sites for you.

Happy gluing!!!!

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