July 2000's
Glue of the Month

LePage's Universal Adhesive

In our search for a new adhesive for July's Glue of the Month, we came across an interesting trend towards "Polyurethane Adhesive". LePage's has it's Universal Adhesive, Elmer's has Probond, and then there is Gorilla Glue (February 2000 Glue of the month) Just as in the world of fashion, even the adhesive world has its trends. The sixties saw the new epoxies, the seventies brought us the cyanoacrylates (krazy glue), the eighties had the solvent free contact cements and the nineties had the temporary or fun taks. We predict that Polyurethane adhesives are going to be the glue of the decade.

LePage's Universal Adhesive works on metal, glass, foam, wood, stone, ceramics, and most plastics. It is a great gap filler. It is water proof, resistant to extreme temperatures, solvent free, stainable and paintable. It is affordable and we especially like the handy plug free nozzle.

So could this be the illusive all purpose adhesive that we at this to that are continually in search of? Polyurethane certainly have made advances in the adhesive world, but we feel it is our duty to educate our users. Please use this stuff with care, use gloves, ventilation, and do not use if you have a history of respiratory problems. This glue contains isocyanates which can be extremely dangerous and damaging to the skin and respiratory system. Because we think that this glue, and many more like it, will be on more and more hardware store shelves in the years to come, we want you to know about it. It works well, but please use it with care and abide the cautionary notes.

Here are some sites that we have found about isocyanates.

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