October 2000's
Glue of the Month


Pros-Aide is an adhesive especially designed to adhere prosthetics to skin. It was originally developed for the medical industry by Dr. Alfonso Di Mino, but was adapted for special effects makeup for film, television and theatre. This is a good year to feature this glue for Glue of the Month because in honour of Pros-Aide's 25th anniversary Dr. Di Mino received the New Jersey Inventor of the Year Award for 2000.

Pros-Aide is a contact adhesive that is easy to use and harmless to the skin. It can even be used on "mucosal" skin like the inside of your nose, but we don't want to know why you would want to glue something up there! It is waterproof, and resistant to perspiration. It is available at specialty make-up stores and retails for about C$10 for a 2 fluid ounce bottle.

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