December 2001's
Glue of the Month

Scotch Tape!

We may be setting a precedent this month, but with the holidays soon upon us, we thought we should look at that all important material for wrapping your gifts-TAPE! We have resisted tape for some time, sticking exclusively to glue. But really, who uses glue to wrap gifts? So for December only, This to That has done some research on tape. Firstly we found that Scotch brand is practically synonymous for any clear tape. Since Richard Drew first invented Scotch Tape for 3M seventy five years ago, it seems no other company has come up with a comparable. So we set out to see what we could find out about the tape market today.

Firstly we found that Scotch tape is worth its name for strength, durability and selection. Other tapes did not compare. We were also surprised to discover just how many different versions of Scotch Tape there are on the market. We looked at Satin Tape, Magic Tape, Removable Tape (not recommended for gift wrapping) and Crystal Clear Tape. All hold up well, and are stronger than the paper they were used on. The Repositional Tape and the Magic Tape were the only ones that could be written on. All of them were as water proof as need be for wrapping paper. We tested these tapes on paper, glass, wood, and plastic and they all held well. We did find that the Satin Tape and the Magic Tape seemed to have a stronger bond. All tapes claim not to yellow over time. All tapes bonded instantly with no drying or curing time (an important consideration when wrapping gifts!) Scotch Brand Tape is consistently more expensive than other tapes, but it all comes down to the importance of that protective wrapping for your holiday gifts. Also, we feel we must mention that there are many other uses for Scotch tape as well.

Happy Holidays.

Past Glues of the Month

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