June 1999's
Glue of the Month


With summer on it's way we would like to recommend the Sikaflex line of adhesives/sealants. This product is a urethane based marine adhesive that is ideal for the repair of all your water toys, lawn furniture, and even your rubber sandals. Sikaflex works well on wood, stainless steel and other metals, PVC, ABS, and other plastics, rubber and glass. There are a variety of formulas available, that range in flexibility, tensile strength, cure time, and color, but all have one important thing in common for this time of the year; they are designed to hold together in any amount of water, salt or fresh. Sikaflex 291 (formerly known as Sikaflex 241) is the most all purpose of the glues available. It is tack free in about 1 hour, and fully cured in four days. It comes in black or white. Sikaflex is available at most marine stores, and retails for approximately C$13.50 a tube.

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