Some other cool/fun glue sites

At Home With Amy Sedaris - TCA 2017 Glue Clip | truTV
Surprisingly Awesome - Adhesives
Weldbond's You Glued What? Gallery
Fun with translations - thumbs up or down?
WebMD: Surgical Glue
Super Glue Evaluation Page
Krazy Glue Commercial
Open Directory: Adhesives
Natural Handyman

Technical glue sites

"The Golden Age of Glue" by Bruce Sterling
ACTS - Arts, Crafts, and Theater Safety
Proptology - the journal of props professionals
Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology
The Costumer's Manifesto
Where to find MSDS on the Internet
Glu Guru
Model making
Cars arts glue page

Nothing to do with glue

Google search for "glue piece of ham"
Our Android apps also by us!
Spam Mimic - hide messages in spam - also by us!
Hogdex - Toronto portal - also by us!
Factland - a land of facts - also by us!
Dave's Brain - tech info - also by us!
Artcars - one of the best uses of glue we've seen
How to clean anything - might be useful for glue messes
Toiletology - the care and repair of toilets
Rotary Tools Guy - we admire his focus
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