November 1999's
Glue of the Month

Weldbond Universal Space Age Adhesive

We know that one of our philosophies at thistothat is that there is no such thing as an all purpose adhesive, but Weldbond, manufactured by Frank T. Ross & Son's Ltd., is as close as it gets. It is a PVA, but unlike other PVAs it does a great job on some non-porous materials such as stone, glass and concrete. Although Mr. Ross wouldn't tell us all his secrets, he did explain that what makes his glue different from other PVAs is that it is catalyzed, where by changing the molecular structure of the polymer. This glue dries crystal clear, remains flexible, and is relatively non-toxic. This family run company originated in Canada (eh?) in 1963, and has since expanded into the states with this successful product. When asked what makes this glue so space age, Bernie told us that it has been used in the manufacturing of space suits, what else?

After we contacted Weldbond for more info they mailed us some promotional material which we include verbatim here figuring you can separate the hype from the facts:

A Titantic Job!
The only adhesive used by John R. Whitman, director of the Titanic Memorial Museum, to build the 30 foot long, 4,500 lb. model of the titanic.. is none other than Weldbond Universal Space Age Adhesive.

"No other glue or bonding agent on the market as far as I am concerned will do what this product will do. What more can a person say about something they believe in so much" - John R. Whiteman.

Well, maybe.

Past Glues of the Month

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