May 2000's
Glue of the Month

Shoe Goo

With summer on the way, we find our selves putting away our winter boots and dusting off our old sneakers and sandals. Don't be discouraged when you realize they are not as new as you remember them to be. Help is on the way with Shoe Goo! Shoe Goo is often referred to as rubber in a tube. It can repair cracked and worn soles, toes and even that tricky attachment of the sole to the upper, whether it be leather, canvas or rubber. Shoe Goo is flexible, water proof (of course) and comes in a variety of colours to match your shoes. Shoe Goo is available at shoe repair shops, shoe stores, hardware stores and some department stores. It is under $10 (1200 yen) for a 5.5 oz. tube. Shoe Goo also has other uses such as repairing water toys and camping gear. We are currently waiting for the toxicological information from Japan, and although it claims to be "ecologically friendly" we will inform you of its toxicity once we know more. So don't throw those old shoes out - renew them with Shoe Goo!

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