August 2002's
Glue of the Month

Aleene's Platinum Bond Patio and Garden Adhesive

August's glue of the month will be useful for your outdoor repairs. It is an Aleene product, which seems to be very popular with our this to that users. This product is designed to work on pottery, terra-cotta, cement, ceramics, P.V.C. and wood. We would not recommend it for wood however, as it does leave an oily mark that is resistant to paint or stain. We found it worked best on pottery, terra-cotta, cement and ceramics. It is water resistant, and because of it's ability to expand and contract, it is very resistant to heat and cold. It is also very U.V. resistant. All these qualities make this an adhesive of choice for outdoor repairs. And speaking of outdoors, this is exactly where you should be applying this adhesive, because it is very very toxic. Use it outdoors, in a breeze that is blowing away from you, or wear appropriate safety equipment when using this product. This product is available at craft stores and garden stores.

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