November 2002's
Glue of the Month

Permatex Bullseye Windshield Repair

Permatex Bullseye windshield repair kit contains a special adhesive made by Loctite which is designed to repair cracks in windshields. It is a one part adhesive that does not need any catalyst or heat to cure. It dries crystal clear and is great for a lot of jobs that require a hard clear finish. It obviously works great on glass, but it also works well on plastics, metal and wood. It is a great sealer and top coat for small mosaic projects. It dries in about 30 minutes, and is resistant to extreme temperatures. Although we have never used Permatex Bulleye for this purpose, we wonder if it might be useful as a sealer for the marble to bowling ball projects we have heard so much about. The only caution about this product is that it is extremely toxic and should be used in a well ventilated area.

Past Glues of the Month

If you've discovered a glue that you've grown attached to, please let us know. Maybe we can honor your glue in a future month.

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