Fun with translations

We found a review of in German and translated it to English with an online translator and got this.

We have no idea whether they like us or not but it makes a fun read. Maybe you can tell...

Which adhesive haetten's gladly???

(Uta) welcome for the imbecility of the week! Also more frequently the question troubles you: How do I create it, ceramic(s), leather, metal, or paper with plastics, wood, Vinyl, ceramic(s), to stick leathers or paper together so that it keeps also really correctly good???

Finally there is a strong response to this basic question. On these Site. Here you need to simply only indicate, what with whom to be stuck together is, and already appear the correct adhesive!! As particularly recommendable the adhesive turned out " 3M77 ". No pig knows that, but that is the even joke. You notice.....die time are ripe for ' s weekend: -))) translated to English by Babelfish
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